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Click the links to download the resources.  We'll add to this list as we gather notes and materials from our events, so check back regularly.

STAMP Connects 2022 talks

Please click on the links below to access the recorded live stream of the events hosted at STAMP Connects 2022.

Programming Insights with Peter Moreton (Artistic Director at Applecart Arts), Marie McCarthy (Artistic Director at Omnibus Theatre), and James Haddrell (Artistic Director at Greenwich Theatre)

Programming Festivals with Bec Martin (Head of Programming at VAULT Festival), and Cath Mattos
(Producer of Wandsworth Arts Fringe festival)

Freelancing in a Cost-Of-Living Crisis with Beth Watson (founder of Bechdel Theatre)

Studios and Spaces to Make with David Ralf (Executive Director at Theatre Deli), and Daniel Pitt (Creative Director & Chief Executive at the Old Diorama Arts Centre)

Demystifying ACE DYCP Grants with Beth Sitek (a queer, freelance live arts producer)

Programming Work for Children and Families with Peter Glanville (Artistic Director of Polka Theatre), and Oliver Hymans (Puppet Maker & Director at Little Angel Theatre)

Demystifying ACE Project Grants with Alistair Wilkinson (Creative Director of WoLab)

Programming Insights with Brian Logan (Artistic Director at Camden People's Theatre), Ellie Browning (Head of Cultural Programme at Shoreditch Town Hall), and Valentina Vela (Artist Support Programme Producer at ArtsAdmin)



STAMP Connects 2021 talks

Arts Council England: Understanding our funds – Project Grants & Developing Your Creative Practice

PowerPoint presentation (.pptx)

Embedded audience development vs marketing your show – how can you embrace both?

Transcript (.docx) / Audio file (.mp3)

Where We’re At (#1) - Brixton House, Soho Theatre, Warwick Arts Centre

Transcript (.docx) / Audio file (.mp3)

Arts with communities: What’s happening, what has changed, and what’s still to do?

Transcript (.docx) / Audio file (.mp3)

Fundraising for Independent Artists Beyond the Arts Council

Transcript (.docx) / Audio file (.mp3)

Where We’re At (#2) - Young Vic, Fuel, Kiln Theatre

Transcript (.docx) / Audio file (.mp3)

Adapt, Explore, Create: What is the role of digital in theatre's future?

Transcript (.docx) / Audio file (.mp3)

Where We’re At (#3) - HOME, The Yard, Theatre Peckham

Transcript (.docx) / Audio file (.mp3)


Getting Programmed


Notes: STAMP Connects - Open Door Panel (29 July 2020) (.docx)

Guide: Making the Case - Approaching Venues and Partners (.docx)

Template: Making the Case - Planning Template (.docx)




Guide: Marketing for Cash and Time-poor Artists (.pdf)

Template: Marketing Budget and Week-by-Week Planner [blank] (.xlsx)

Template: Marketing Budget and Week-by-Week Planner [example] (.xlsx)

Template: Marketing Plan & Strategy (.docx)



Guide: On The Road - How to tour your work (.pdf)



Guide: Contracts (.pdf)



Guide: Creating your own opportunities with Kickstarter (.pdf)



Video: Self-Producing Your Own Work (Zoom recording)
Guide: The Invisible Producer (.pdf)

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