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STAMP (Supporting Theatre Artists and Makers of Performance) is a group of venues and organisations based in London who support and produce new theatre and performance work. We currently have 50+ member organisations.

STAMP’s mission is practical collective action to improve the ways in which artists are supported by our organisations and the industry, and are valued in society more widely.


At present we are delivering this in the following ways: arranging events and platforms for our membership to share best practice in terms of artist support; arranging events where artists can meet our members and learn more about how the sector operates; providing a database of the artist opportunities provided by our members, and how best to access this support; working with BOP Consulting and the Theatres Trust on a strategic research project into the current provision of theatre and theatre facilities (including rehearsal space) across London, commissioned by the Greater London Authority.


Membership is open to any London theatre or theatre organisation with a well-established approach to artist support.


We don't have our own mailing list, but the easiest way to stay up to date with everything STAMP is doing is to sign up to Camden People's Theatre's mailing address here.

You can also contact Camden People's Theatre with any enquiries relating to STAMP on:

Tel: 02074194841


Header photography by Rosie Powell.


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You can view our database containing details of how our member organisations work to support theatre artists here.

If you're from an organisation who would like to get involved with STAMP, please contact


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